whyWe really enjoyed our inland waterways journey, otherwise why else would we take the effort to write an e-pilot about it? We want to reassure other sailors that it’s possible to take this route by sailboat and we want to share how enjoyable it is. We were quite anxious about the trip, and we would like to bring peace of mind to others who intend to do it.

What we enjoyed most were the tranquillity, the peace, the beauty of the scenery and taking the time to experience it. We are very, very impressed with the network of canals and locks that the French have built ages ago and that are still operational now. VNF does an amazing job in maintaining and managing this infrastructure. Although the number of manual locks is decreasing, since one by one they are being automated, we still felt that we were taking a ride through history. The many old villages and towns, where time seems to stand still added to this feeling.