We are a Dutch family of three: Tim (42), Eveline (40) and Max (4). Since 2015 we live on our sailing boat ‘Mallemok’, an Endurance 35 ketch. We quit our jobs and sold our house to go on this adventure. After having navigated Europe’s inland waterways we are now cruising the Med.
To see more inland waterway pictures visit: facebook.com/varen.mallemok.
On facebook.com/sailingmallemok and www.sailingmallemok.com you can follow our adventure on the Med.
Along the way we like meeting other families to spend time with. We’ve setup a Facebook page for this: Liveaboard Families Med.

In November 2015 we reached the Mediterranean after having spent three months on the inland waterways of The Netherlands, Belgium and France. We thoroughly enjoyed this journey. We enjoyed it so much, that we decided to write this e-pilot in order to inspire other sailors to take and enjoy this route, as an alternative to going by sea. While wintering in Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône where Max went to the local daycare we wrote articles for the Dutch sailing magazine ‘Zeilen’ www.sailingmallemok.com/zeilen.html and we worked on this e-pilot, documenting all our experiences and observations. In April 2017 we updated the e-pilot using input we gathered from cruisers that used it to navigate the inland waterways.

Tim: “Years ago while backpacking around the world everytime we were admiring a shoreline tim-finalsomewhere there would be a sailing boat anchored there. And the idea of having such a lifestyle grew on me. Travelling around in your own house. 2015 was the year we said goodbye to Amsterdam and I discontinued my work as web developer. Our liveaboard lifestyle is aligned with my values and passions of having little possessions and live an adventurous, fun and playful life in freedom. Not putting things off till it’s to late. It is fantastic to fully live in the ‘here and now’ and spend so much time with my wonderful family and to cook for them.”

Eveline: “After having worked for 12 years in international jobs for a large financial institution Ieef-final went through a burn-out. While recovering I realized that going backinto corporate life was not the best decision for me. Instead taking off to do what we had been dreaming of for a very long time, seemed a much better prospect. Cruising combines my passions of travelling and sailing and it enables being with my family, exploring new territories, improving my language skills and meeting interesting people. I am curious what this new phase in my life will bring and look forward to integrating my professional passions into life on the boat.”  


Max: “I enjoy living on our Mallemok because I get to spend a lot of time with both my mommy and daddy. max-finalI am making new friends from different countries and although it’s hard to understand what they say I am learning fast. I love riding my bike and playing outside. On Mallemok I have lots of toys. I have my own room, but my toys are all over the place actually. I love reading books with my parents and watching movies on their bed, especially Sing, Trolls, Barbapappa, Octonauts and Paw Patrol. I really enjoy playing with LEGO. My dad can build great things for me to play with. When I am in Holland I go to school, which I like.”

Mallemok: “I was built in 1979 by Astilleros Belliure in Calpe, Spain. They gave me two mmallemok-finalasts, 1.75m draught, 10.80m length and 3.35m width. People admire my classical style and solidity. Tim, Eveline and Max are my fourth owners. I have always been well looked after. Most of my days I sailed in The Netherlands on the IJsselmeer and in Zeeland. Although I really enjoyed the French canals, I am glad to have my masts up again and I am excited to be back on the sea where I was  created. It’s great to be a liveaboard yacht. I get a lot of care and attention and I am happy to be a good home to this fantastic family.”